We’re more than designers, art directors, writers, developers, and account managers.

We’re artists, travelers, foodies, musicians, authors, illustrators, movie lovers, TV buffs, and experience-seekers. You probably have a lot in common with us. We’re a group of collaborative minds who come together to give you fiercely creative digital marketing solutions.


The 3-step process you’ll go through when working with us is the result of 20+ years of working with clients across all kinds of industries and on all kinds of platforms.

It’s structured, simple, and leaves plenty of wiggle-room for coming up with the right strategy and deliverables for your unique needs.

[ 1 ] Discovery

We learn all about you, your competitors, brands who inspire you; and, most importantly, your audience.

[ 2 ] Define

This is when we come up with an action plan.

[ 3 ] Design & Develop

Now we’re going to take that plan and put it into motion.


To stay in business for this long you have to be flexible. You have to listen to what your client wants and needs.

In terms of “legacy,” ours is pretty impressive. We’ve been in business for over 20 years. That much experience is hard to come by in this field. We’re really good listeners. We pick up on the passion in your voice when you’re talking about your business. The collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit we bring to the table is what helps you not only reach but surpass your goals.


VDS began as a design studio made up of young, enthusiastic creatives, and grew into a full-service, data-driven agency. As time went on, we were able to really define our strengths and passions. Helping clients in the education industry was our specialty and we took the knowledge we gained working with those clients and applied it to even more industries that excited us.


Now we are very much a boutique shop with ever-evolving goals and capabilities. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the years and transformed it into our own style, with strategy and creative that no one else can deliver. It’s the personal connection that we create with our clients that makes all the difference. You’re not just a name on an endless list of clients with us—you’re part of the VDS family.


You’re passionate about your mission, and you’re ready to take your brand and business to the next level.

You’re launching something new or promoting something exciting. You’re ready to connect with your customers and consumers in a more meaningful way because the way you’re doing it now isn’t working anymore.

You understand the value in investing in a team that understands your vision and has the capabilities and experience to follow through on all their promises.

You’re ready to see substantial and exciting results from your marketing efforts.

You’re ready to work alongside a team that gets just as fired up about your goals as you do.

does this sound like you?

Contact us and let’s get started.