Vision Design Studio

Don't let the name fool you. While our roots as a design shop run deep, over the last 15 years we've evolved into a full-service agency where the idea dictates the execution. From concept to analytics, and everything in between, we create content that is thoughtfully delivered to the right person in the right way, helping clients rise above the din of an increasingly crowded marketplace.


In April of 2014 we were tasked with reimagining The Art Institutes' traditional Open House event. It needed to be bigger, better, and more interactive. We added "at night" to that list. Our highly tweetable, sharable, and postable event generated considerable buzz through social media and resulted in over 5,000 RSVPs across The Art Institutes' 50+ locations. Also, every location was connected through video conferencing, creating a true national event. All this was accomplished in what many would consider an unrealistic deadline.

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Chianina Steakhouse

Chianina is an American steakhouse with a philosophy rooted in Italian tradition, drawing its inspiration from the eponymous breed of cattle. This ancient breed has been raised in Central Italy-for food and for work-dating back some 2,200 years.

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Michael's Pizzeria

Some projects are just delicious, and this one certainly qualifies. Our branding and promotional efforts (Okay, the pizza had something to do with it) helped Michael’s Pizzeria propel itself to be named one of the top pizza joints in the country by Zagat.

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