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01What We Do


VDS is a team of designers, strategists, data scientists, and business leaders who are committed to producing unexpected results based on a solid and proven methodology. We live at the intersection of data science, innovation, and creativity, developing targeted communication strategies and subsequent marketing outcomes that are informed by data and real analytical insight.

We believe in data and what it tells us

Our aim is simple and true. We want to help our partners create the maximum results for the investment they make, and create strong partnerships that help deliver on that promise. Finally, we leverage our talents to create an engagement that is defined by how successful our clients are.


Effective Creative

The beauty of data-driven creative is that it works. When you know who you should be talking to, how to reach them, and where they are in the decision-making process, it's much easier to get them to do what you want them to do.

03Why it Works

Our Method

Our work is what distinguishes VDS from our competition: Bold. Smart. Insightful. Those are a few of the adjectives we would come up with, but the results speak for themselves.

Download our case studies below:

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04Our Team

The Leadership

VDS is a bunch of great people working collectively for the common good. Our leadership is made of individuals who are passionate about our clients and the work we get to perform for them. Ultimately, we are only as good as the people we work with … so that makes us pretty good.

Carl Dene

Carl Dene

VDS Founder & CEO

Carl leads a talented team of designers, writers, strategists, data scientists, and information technologists who work together to develop strategies that get results. Under his direction, VDS continues to flourish and has established an enviable position within the industry. A pioneer in providing digital solutions for multiple sectors, his reputation as a maverick in the field of conversion marketing—specifically within higher education—where he revolutionized the industry by establishing direct communication strategies based on data and research, has only grown in the last decade.

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Beverly Wurth

Beverly Wurth

Director Business Development

With more than 2 decades of business development, brand management, and client service expertise, Bev has a key role in identifying opportunities, new sectors, and nascent industries in addition to establishing genuine partnerships with our clients, and guiding them with a steady hand. With a wealth of experience in automotive, consumer electronics, higher education, beauty, and hospitality industries, she brings a deep understanding of how to grow, retain, and nurture both our existing and potential clients through strategic leadership and the creative innovation that produces success. She is adept at using segmentation, market research, and customer insights to help develop and execute marketing plans that get results.

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Yves Le Sieur

Yves Le Sieur

Sr. Director, Strategy and Planning

Responsible for leading the strategy and planning efforts that guide the development of advertising and marketing programs for VDS, Yves guides our clients from a local, regional, and national point of view. In addition to client-facing initiatives, he is also adept at creating a ground-breaking agency culture that unites, enhances discovery, promotes and nurtures talent, and fosters collaboration and innovation. Yves is a strategic thinker, brand assessment enthusiast, and writer, who—through effective storytelling and peerless communication skills—conveys the intent, potential, and emotional experience of an idea or product. Yves engages clients and staff alike in implementing a transformative agency that crosses typical boundaries and disciplines with energy that sparks intellectual creativity across our channels.

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Stephanie Dillon

Stephanie Dillon

Creative Director

Simply put, Stephanie is the heart of our agency. A very talented creative whose imprint is felt in all of our creative initiatives, she combines a deep understanding of the client’s point of view and the latest creative trends. Stephanie inspires both our clients and her staff by teaching them how great creative cannot only appeal to the audience, but is also an effective ROI generator. Tactful, poised, and collaborative, she is the ultimate team player who can navigate even the most challenging projects with self-possession and composure. Equally adept in traditional and digital environments, her leadership continues to set the standard for our agency.

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Keith Moltzan

Keith Moltzan

Director of Information Technology

With more than 15 years of experience in IT, Keith has an extensive background in data, B2B integration, and line of business application architecture. He brings proven management ability with a comprehensive insight into data structure and system design to leverage results-oriented structure into tangible business results. Over the course of his career, he has established several IT groups specializing in development and empowered them to deliver client-oriented results, consistently and efficiently. During the past 5 years, Keith has focused on enterprise-level data solutions. He knows how to simplify data structure into usable datasets so that he can place real-time, decision-making capabilities into the hands of the people who matter. Keith understands that simply providing access to data is not enough; data must be easily accessible, and actionable, to be of real value.

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Nancy Infante

Nancy Infante

Operations Administrator

A seasoned administrative professional who is tasked with making sure that VDS operates smoothly, Nancy is equally adept at managing our daily operations with a dash of HR and a healthy dose of accounting mixed in for good measure. Nancy is an invaluable and integral part of our leadership team with a “can do” attitude that permeates her everyday interactions. A versatile problem solver, she deftly manages her heavy work load, which includes accounts payable and receivable, vendor management, HR responsibilities, among others, with effectiveness and enthusiasm.

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Bill Keller

Bill Keller

Chief Data Scientist

Bill is a data-driven strategy veteran and the Chief Data Scientist for VDS. He specializes in creating actionable, data-driven marketing strategies and technology-based business intelligence. He combines, analyzes, and leverages data across media channels and all online and offline touch points. Bill’s philosophy is simple: the better a company does, the more data they collect, the more agencies they use, the more category experts they rely upon, and the less effective their marketing becomes. Bill and his team bridge the gap between these efforts to maximize return on marketing investments and deliver a more compelling and targeted customer experience. Bill helps our clients break down the clutter of reports and data and get to what really matters—improving business efficiencies, and getting and keeping customers—all in plain English.

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05Our Capabilities


Using data science as the basis for everything we do, VDS develops data-driven, targeted communications strategies to help our clients reach the right people at the right time in the right way.


Let's be honest: this is the first thing our clients' audiences see. All the science in the world will not make up for dull creative execution. We produce data-driven, award-winning work that is sure to spark a conversation ... and a conversion or two.

  • Design/Development
  • Copywriting
  • Interactive Development
  • Video Production
  • Collateral Development

Digital Solutions

This is where VDS shines. Data and digital initiatives are in our DNA. VDS doesn't leave anything to chance. Our work is based on what we learn from the data we collect, organize, and analyze. This informs our strategies, gives purpose and meaning to our marketing efforts, and guides our process.

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Behavioral Profiling
  • Database Creation
  • Data Warehousing
  • Email Development
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Marketing Automation


There is a method to our madness! Strategic insights not only dictate our overall efforts, but guide our clients to success, with a sound methodology, planned execution, and overall coordinated thought leadership.

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Conversion
  • Campaign Creation
  • Content Development
  • Event Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Business Affairs & Compliance Management
06Our Work

Our Recent Work

We are very proud of the work we create on behalf of our clients. We love to tell stories, and we are fortunate to partner with great clients who enable us to do our very best work.

07Our Clients

Our Clients

We have worked with an eclectic range of clients over the years—from global beauty brands to local architects and national nonprofits to Long Beach legends.

Want to work with us?